A 2005 report from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine claims that approximately one million people commit suicide every single year, worldwide. Suicide is more prevalent among the young than among older population groups. The World Health Organization was so concerned about these statistics that it declared suicide a major public health challenge and urged its member states around the world to design and implement national suicide intervention campaigns to counter this trend. Causative factors include, but are not limited to, feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and self-loathing. When life is viewed as meaningless and hopeless it loses its sacredness. These feelings can be exacerbated by the teaching that we mysteriously emerged from some accidental primordial soup and then diversified into multiplicity through the process of natural selection; that our existence is purposeless. Therefore, when we die everything comes to an end and it is as though we have never been. Such teaching also insists that we are alone in a vast universe at the mercy of cosmic elements. A perfect prescription for countering such a mindset is found in the most authoritative book in the world-the Word of God which tells us another story. It tells us that we do not only have a purpose in life – each one of us – but that we are made in the image of our Creator who knows us so intimately that He has even numbered the hairs on our heads!! We are His masterpiece and His fingerprints are all over us. He has engraved us on the palms of His hands (Isa. 49:16). This knowledge alone should be enough to repudiate Satan’s suggestions about our worthlessness. But Scripture has more to say about our worth. In a final effort to win us back to Him and to underscore our worth God sent His only Son to endure the rigors of a difficult existence on this hostile planet and to die a horrible death on our behalf so that we could be gathered into the family of God as He intended from the beginning of time. Get yourself the book, The Perfect Prescription by Reigh Simuzoshya from Amazon and http://youtu.be/MWkIVDKfh9w