The account of Nicodemus’ nocturnal visit to the Lord Jesus and the ensuing discourse is fascinating, to say the least. Nicodemus starts by saluting Jesus using a normative greeting reserved for individuals with ecclesiastical eminence: “Rabbi,” he calls him, which means master of the Torah. He further acknowledges that Jesus is a teacher sent from God, and the miracles He performs are evidence that God is with Him. He uses the first person plural to indicate that he is not the only one who believes what he just said. Apparently, his peers are of the same opinion as well. Maybe also implied in Nicodemus’ greeting is a hint of flattery. Probably that is why Jesus ignores it. The miracles Nicodemus and his cohorts saw with their own eyes were what convinced them that God was with Jesus. This is the epitome of walking by sight. If they had not seen they would not have believed. The Scriptures exhort us to “Walk by faith, not by sight…” for a reason. Our physical eyesight is blind to spiritual events. Nicodemus was already demonstrating his blindness regarding Jesus’ identity. Although he viewed Jesus as having been sent from God, he did not notice His divinity. Walking by sight is being shackled by illusions, which leads to a myopic interpretation of the things of the kingdom of God. Nicodemus visited Jesus at night probably for fear of being spotted hanging out with him by his fellow Pharisees. If this inference is right, then we can deduce that it was more important for Nicodemus to be held in high esteem and to receive accolades he never really had from the community that derided Jesus than to seek truth for himself. Jesus said, regarding Pharisees: “You are mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God” (Matthew 22:29 NKJV). Jesus viewed their spiritual leadership as a façade that did nothing to benefit them. Sadly, this illusion had become their reality and led them not only to reject Jesus, but to also orchestrate His death at the hands of an imperial power that despised them. No wonder Jesus said, “If the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:23). Things are never the way they appear, particularly the things of the spirit. The laws of the Kingdom of God are inversely related to the laws of the natural realm. Great men in God’s kingdom are beaten, spat upon, despised, have nowhere to lay their heads, and are ultimately executed and martyred for their faith. In this realm, the way upwards leads downwards. Those who desire to lead must first learn to follow in obedience. If they smack you on one side, you tell them to do it again-this time on the other side. In the natural, this sounds absurd, but this is a spiritual battle against evil spiritual forces. This is the only way to de-fang Satan-The Jesus way and it never fails. Nicodemus had it all wrong. Jesus was not just a teacher sent from God. He is God.