The resurrection of Jesus is a pivotal event in human history. This momentous event has fascinated believers and skeptics throughout the ages from the time it took place. Actually, it is one of the most investigated and researched event in the history of humanity. Amazingly, from the time of its occurrence, skeptics have set their minds on investigating it for the purpose of repudiating its historicity. But most of them have ended up being believers themselves and have become its vehement advocates. Thousands of manuscripts and books have been written about it by both believers and non-believers. But it has withstood the test of time. It remains the central pillar of the Christian faith because it true, and truth has a way of defending itself.
Early one Sunday morning over 2 millennia ago, some women who had witnessed the gruesome crucifixion of the Lord came to the tomb where He had been buried hastily because of the approaching Sabbath hours. They came with spices to anoint His body only to find it empty and the stone that had covered its entrance rolled away. The angel told them Jesus had risen from the dead and was on His way to Galilee to meet with the disciples just as He had promised. Matthew says that a great earthquake took place as the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, stepped down on earth, rolled the stone away and sat on it. Those who had been stationed to guarded the tomb were so frightened of the radiance of this celestial being that they “became as dead men,” (Matt. 28:1-4). The most glorious event of all time became a frightful event for its enemies. It continues to be so to this day. Satan and his emissaries fear the resurrection of Jesus because it de-fanged them. It shifted the balance of power from their hands to the rightful Owner and His followers. The opponents of the resurrection of Jesus have used different tactics to try to debunk it to no avail. This is not surprising because the resurrection marks a new beginning for the entire human race. The resurrection is the foundation of Christianity and of everything in our lives. It is inseparable from the destiny of mankind. We are the reason for the resurrection. It was for us. No wonder the Christian faith continues to grow and has now become a universal faith.
The angel did not come to roll the stone in order to allow Jesus to exit the tomb. Jesus is God. He could have come out of the sealed tomb without struggling with a single stone. He walked through walls made of stone after His resurrection. He is Master of nature, always and forever. He walked on water. At one time He commanded the wind to stop its gale-force. The wind recognized His voice and obeyed.
The angel rolled the stone to usher us into a new life; a life Jesus has given us for eternity by his death and resurrection. The empty tomb beckons us to come see what God has done not only for His Son but for us as well. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, human history has been re-written by the blood of the eternal covenant. It glows triumphantly against the darkness of this world as a confirmation that the gates of paradise have swung open for us, this time for eternity. We have become restored as the family God forever, never to be separated from Him again. As long as the Lord’s tomb remains empty, it remains a testimony to the resurrection of believers. Death’s sting has been broken. The empty tomb gives us access to healing. Because of the resurrection every believer looks forward to an eternal weight of glory. We have become inseparable from Christ. We have inherited a new DNA (2 Cor. 5:17). Our shame, guilt, disillusionment, fears have found their antidote in this historical event.
The resurrection is not an Easter story only. It is a daily affirmation of the depths of God’s love and grace, and should be celebrated every day. Each morning we wake up, every night we retire to bed, every task we engage into, every breath we take, every prayer we offer, every glimmer of hope we experience, is made possible by this momentous event whose luster will never fade, ever. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we are indeed more than conquerors in Christ.