The Incarnation is the ultimate miracle of the Christian faith. Every other miracle recorded in the Bible either prepared for it or amplified it or resulted from it-the Master of all miracles in which God, in Jesus, put on human flesh, hands, a mouth, nose, eyes, ears and feet. He had sinew, vital organs and blood!!! He took on all the attributes of humanity in its entirety because that was the only way He could save mankind. He became man at a time in history when imperial powers had perfected the ultimate form of torturous death by crucifixion. But He did it all perfectly because He is God. The only way we can share God’s dying is unless He dies (C.S. Lewis). But He cannot die unless He takes upon Himself a mortal form. How else would He qualify to be the propitiation for our sins except by dying on the cross and suffering what He did not need to suffer for our sake? That is why our imitation of God must be our imitation of God Incarnate because Jesus is the model of every believer-Jesus not only as we see Him at Calvary or during his post-mortem resurrection appearances, but as a humble worker in a carpenter’s workshop; as He walked the dusty roads of Palestine, rubbing shoulders with sweaty crowds, attending to their incessant demands, dealing with religious leaders’ opposition and jealousy, and being devoid of solitude or privacy. This was the Divine life being lived in human flesh. This is our example, our ultimate Model. The Incarnation is the ontic referent from which the spirituality of the believer derives its meaning.

Jesus is Lord!