Macroevolutionists postulate that all forms of life came from one single cell that has come to be commonly labeled as a “common ancestor.”1 It is reported that this common ancestor was subjected to factors such as the inevitable passage of time, processes associated with natural selection, and other random changes in the its genes also known as mutations, which caused it to develop new characteristics through a process known as microevolution.
Something of interest is that over the past decades the number of Christian/theistic macroevolutionists has increased, significantly. These individuals believe that God caused life to appear on earth, but that he used common ancestor cells to start a process of gradualism, which is the theory that species evolved slowly, incrementally over many generations. The result of such a process was speciation, that is, one species branched into another species or into two or more species. They postulate that God orchestrated the process of macroevolution to bring about different forms life from lower life forms until, finally, these lower life forms developed into more complex life forms such as the human race.
Basically, the implication of this theory is that we are all remotely related to all species; all forms of life. If we eat them, don’t we become cannibals of some sort? For instance, if I eat a chicken, am I not eating one of my relatives? I guess it really does not matter?
All this would make sense if there was something in the fossil record to substantiate the claims of gradualism. For example, why is it that the fossil record does not show even one animal species in the process of transitioning into another life form? As Dr. Geisler indicates, “the fossil record should be filled with some type of combination of a fish in a transition stage as it is becoming an amphibian (say, fishibian), or a mixture of a reptile in transition as it is becoming a bird (say, reptibird).”2
One question I have for Christian/theistic macroevolutionists is: if mankind is a product of gradual evolution from lower animal forms, at what stage in the process of evolution was he given the image of God and became a living soul?


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