Chaos Theory and Pharmacology


  • “Support the education of physicians and the public regarding the importance of psychosocial and spiritual interventions for the treatment of all persons with substance use disorders.
  • Encourage the judicious use of Twelve Step recovery modalities for the treatment of substance use disorders.
  • Encourage ABAM Fellowship training programs to require sufficient experience in the use of psychosocial, spiritual and Twelve Step interventions and to include test questions to discern a Fellows knowledge base regarding these aspects.
  • Continue to provide presentations that support the philosophy of “Like Minded Docs” to ASAM, treatment providers, public, judicial and political arenas.
  • Support the current ASAM Twelve Step Action Group.
  • Support all activities that raise the consciousness regarding the importance of psychosocial and spiritual interventions.
  • Promote further studies into the biological, social, psychological and spiritual aspects of recovery.
  • Maintain the “high road” and not disparage alternative forms of treatment, but rather to promote those aspects…

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