Day: January 19, 2015

What about your certitude (or is it a belief?) that the mind is stronger then the genes?

the biology of belief

The Beliefs and the Genes work together.  For years, conventional science emphasized that the genes control the physical traits.  NOW, science recognizes that genes are “potentials” and the mind and the environment provide the information that controls the reading of the gene’s blueprints.  BUT, the mind’s perceptions can alter the reading of the gene’s code. As epigenetics reveals, the nervous system’s response to the environment can modify the reading of the gene to produce up to 30,000 variations of proteins from the same gene blueprint.  Clearly, the mind and its beliefs are the primary mechanism and the most powerful factor in controlling an an organism’s genetics.

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Should Addicts Be Forced Into 12-Step Rehab Programs? No (Part 2)

Chaos Theory and Pharmacology

I would like to start this post by sharing Dr. Langan response to the first part of this post: “Should Addicts Be Forced Into 12-Step Rehab Programs? No

“The argument is often advanced that without coercion there is insufficient incentive to enter treatment and, within a medical paradigm, not wanting to enter treatment is considered a symptom of the disease. Moreover, the greater the denial of the disease is considered directly proportional to the severity of the disease. Although both of these may be true in the throes of an acute addiction, the chronic relapsing brain disease with lifelong abstinence and 12-step recovery model is being used to coerce treatment on those who do not need it as “denial” can be present. according to these folks, long after the drugs and alcohol are gone.” –-Michael L. Langan.

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