Day: January 11, 2015

Grief: The Great Learning, Day 434

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I’ve saved the letters I wrote to my life mate/soul mate after he died, thinking that one day I would write a sequel to Grief: The Great Yearning, the story of my first year of grief. I’d planned to call the sequel Grief: The Great Learning, and detail the lessons gleaned from the second and third years of my grief. Because I no longer want to keep revisiting such angst, there will be no sequel, so I’m publishing the letters here on this blog as a way of safeguarding (and sharing) them.

Although this letter was written three and a half years ago, it reflects so much of what I am thinking about now. My father recently died, and I am packing to leave his house and go . . . I know not where. I am trying to hope for some sort of great new life, but it’s easier not…

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Disrupting Healthcare: The Community

The Private Practice Consultant


Innovation is looking at problems that exist in business, community, or society and hand-crafting a solution. Disrupting the status quo, and improving the outcome in a given scenario. It’s stepping up to a challenge that seems insurmountable and breaking it down piece by piece, then rebuilding it with reinforcement and new technologies. Innovation creates structured chaos, and from that chaos emerges a host of potential opportunities.

I am an innovator, and I am not alone! As a matter of fact I am in the company of some of the most passionate and brilliant minds in the medical industry today. I have spoken to CEO’s, physicians, nurses, and developers. To internet marketing rock stars, and people at every level of the Hospital, Community Healthcare Center, and private practice.

I have shared great conversation with leaders in business and finance. They all have one thing in common, they want to see…

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The Beautiful Disaster That Is Healthcare Delivery

The Private Practice Consultant

If I were forced to define the current state of healthcare in as few words possible (at least through the private practice lens) I would have to say its a… beautiful disaster.


All across America more and more agencies are implementing EHR, including federal agencies like the Department of Defense, and State Correctional systems like the one i consulted for in Connecticut.

With all of the EHR adoption currently it would make sense to reason that we are very close to a fully interoperable system.

Unfortunately, that is absolutely not the case (I will certainly speak more to this in a future post, so be sure to stay tuned).

So, what does the private practice have to work with today?

EMR – Electronic Medical Records
PMS – Practice Management Systems
Outside Labs and Radiology Providers
Community Agencies and Providers
HIE – Health Information Exchange
HL7 – Health Level 7

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