Day: January 6, 2015


Marcus Aurelius once remarked that the best revenge is to be unlike the one who performed the wrong.

Confucius said that before you embark on a journey to pursue revenge, dig two graves.


A Series of Habits that Stole your happiness Last Year


changingThis is my first time writing or should I say trying to write a series of post. So, I am going to attempt to do so. I will be writing a total of 12 posts for each series, one a day. This is the first post of the twelve regarding 12 habits that stole your happiness last year. I hope these series of post will help you in your progress for the New Year, as I am expecting them to help me as well.

Sticking to what we already know. – When we stop learning we stop living a meaningful life. This is the truth. Life’s richness does not come from always residing within familiar and comfortable territory. It’s when we venture out, away from the familiar, that we grow stronger and more capable. We must hold tightly to our core values while at the same time opening our hearts…

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