It is awe-inspiring to learn that a significant number of scholars and inventors who founded different scientific fields of knowledge actually believed in God as the Designer of the universe and the Author of the laws that govern nature (Geisler, 2001). A list of these scientists includes Blaise Pascal who founded the field of Hydrostatics; Isaac Newton founded Calculus and Dynamics; James Young Simpson established the field of Gynecology; Gregor Mendel founded Genetics; Joseph Lister established Antiseptic Surgery; William Ramsay founded Isotopic Chemistry…the list goes on and on…These scholars’ “belief in the Creator actually motivated them to probe more deeply [into]…the study of the natural world as a logical outworking of its Designer.” Judging from their achievements, believing in God was not an anti-intellectual position for them. Instead of truncating their intellectual prowess their faith was the motor that drove it! Francis Bacon who established inductive and experimental method of science believed in a Creator who operates through secondary causes. This belief did not harm his scientific exploits which are still being applied today. Personally, I find this extremely fascinating.

Recently, scientists reported having discovered an invisible “plasma field” about 7,200 miles above the earth, which is a protective barrier for our planet against what they term as “killer electrons.” Invisible, in this case, means it cannot be detected with the naked eye. The barrier is composed of two ring-like belts that travel almost at the same speed as light. This is a structure that has a two-zone appearance. The inner zone is the more stable of the two while the outer zone is highly variable, and is highly influenced by very low frequency plasma waves (Baker et. al, 2014). As such, it forms and disappears randomly depending on various space conditions known as wave-particle interactions that can last for almost an entire day. The barrier stops the electrons that have high relativistic energies of approximately 5 megaelectronvolts or more from causing damage to the surface of planet earth. Although the structure is invisible, when the killer electrons hit it, they bounce off it as if they have hit a glass wall, says Baker, Director of CU-Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. If these electrons were to penetrate and hit the earth, they could drastically alter the climatic conditions of our planet and even increase cancer rates.

The Bible tells us that the universe declares the glory of the Lord ( ) and these wonders continue to unfold before our very eyes….


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