Scientists are renowned for relying on Mathematics in their work of trying to discover and explain the laws governing the operations of our universe and nature. They conduct experiments and draw quantifiable inferences about the regularity of nature. Disciplines such as neurobiology, astronomy, economics, Ecology, Engineering and physics etc. all largely utilize Mathematics. Galileo is reported to have said that “Nature’s great book is written in mathematical language.”

The universe is said to speak to us through the language of Mathematics. For instance, the paths of the planets of our solar system around the sun occur in a mathematical pattern. The speed of ships on the ocean is measured in mathematical terms. The distance from one planet to another can only be expressed mathematically. The same applies to the measurement of the speed of light. As such, physicists are starting to believe that Mathematics is beginning to “lead and direct research in physics.”

What is fascinating about Mathematics is that it is free from being influenced by people’s personal biases and prejudices. For example, a simple equation such as 5+3= 8 is a fact that cannot be modified or altered by anyone’s bias. Although the findings of our experiments may be explained in the English language, this is merely a translation of the mathematical findings of our experiments.

Sir James Jeans, a British astronomer and physicist, awed by mathematical explanations of nature, remarked that “God is a Mathematician.”

The Christian perspective claims that “Man has developed different ways to express on paper [the] consistency God has placed around us” in nature. From time immemorial human beings have used an array of symbols to represent quantities and other measurements. The Roman used what we know as Roman numeral such as VII, X, C, etc. and we have adopted the Arabic symbols to represent our quantities such as 3, 7, 11 etc. Amazingly, our mathematical equations remain consistent wherever they are calculated. For example, 1+3 will always be equals 4 whether calculated on the moon, on earth or deep under the sea in a submarine. No place in the universe can alter the answer to this equation. Because God consistently and faithfully holds nature and its laws together, their mathematical representations remain constant anywhere in the universe.

The Bible attests to the God’s covenant with the laws of nature: “This is what the LORD says: ‘If I have not made my covenant with day and night and established the laws of heaven and earth, then I will…” (Jeremiah 33: 25, 26, NIV). God arranged nature the way it is. Look, for instance, at the way flowers are arranged. They come season after season arranged in the same order, never deviating from it. The seeds of some flowers such as the sunflower follow a mathematical pattern which allows the flower to be able to hold together a certain number of seeds as its maximum load. Is this all happenstance?? When Jesus said “God clothes the grass of the field…” He alluded to this same principle (Matthew 6: 30).