Day: October 10, 2014

The Futility of Living without God

The Age of Enlightenment or Age of Reason was a time in history when thinkers in Britain, France and the rest of Europe decided to shake the “shackles” of religion. It soon evolved into a time of anti-Christian innovation as people strove to prove that the universe was able to control and regulate itself without God. As such, existential questions that regularly haunt mankind including questions like Who am I? Where did I come from? Is there meaning to my life and what is its purpose? Where am I going? As Dr. Craig asserts, these are questions that are peculiar only to human beings. No other creation has the capacity to ask them or to wrestle with them. It was also during this time that people began to tackle these questions with no reference to God. Some of the resulting postulations were that mankind is a mere by-product of nature; that mankind is the animated product of interaction of matter plus time plus chance, and that human beings have no particular reason or purpose for their existence. Each person is merely waiting for death to sink into oblivion. That is, when they die it is all over-there is no afterlife of any kind. By repudiating God mankind was attempting to free himself from what he perceived to be repressive and oppressive moral obligations. Some philosophers such as Nietzsche began to promulgate the concept that God was dead and they had killed him, not knowing that in essence, by having evicted God from their lives they had only succeeded in making themselves cosmic orphans because a Godless life is a life that has lost its inherent value and purpose and meaning. If you have read about this before, you are not reading it again by accident. How valuable is your life and my life without God? First of all, if life as we know it, ends at the grave it should not matter how it is lived; whether one lives as Stalin, Hitler, Idi Amin or as St. Francis of Assisi or as Mother Teresa should be inconsequential. After all, in this scenario, there is apparently no expectation of eschatological judgment, accountability for how one lived one’s life on earth, no standard of right or wrong, and no reward for having lived an upright life. Moral values become reduced to sheer “socio-cultural by-products of the evolutionary process” (Craig, 2007). A Godless life has no ontic referent point for any form of values. The concept of objective morality makes no sense at all. Child abuse, incest, rape, domestic violence and wars or any form of violence against vulnerable population groups becomes acceptable behavior. Life loses it sacredness and there is no good or evil. The concept of loving your neighbor as yourself becomes an illusory ideal. If life ends at death there is no purpose for living, no reason for existence at all. There is no difference between human life and a bird’s life or a goat’s life. As Friedrich Nietzsche implied in his Parable of the Madman, people have no concept of the deleteriousness of nihilism.

Tips for Authors

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Unspoken – Start a Fire

The Jordan Valley

The song Start a Fire is already kindling excitement in listeners and motivating them to live out a series of Scriptural truths. As he started writing the powerful song, Lowry drew from Matthew, 2 Timothy , and James to exhort listeners to stir up and rekindle the fire that’s in us, to keep burning the gracious gift of God. Our desire for that song is that we wouldn’t settle in our salvation, but that we keep an open heart for what God wants to do through us. – UnspokenMusic

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