Did you know that there are people who believe in God but they do not believe in miracles? They are known as Deists. Their attack against the credence of miracles started during the era we know as the Enlightenment or the Age of Reason. These individuals believe that God is the Creator and that He sustains His creation, but that He cannot and has not revealed Himself in any miraculous manner to the world. Their argument is predicated upon their understanding that God has placed within nature an unchangeable order or regularity. They equate nature to a world-machine that runs harmoniously, not susceptible to interruption of any kind. This unchangeability or immutability of nature is what attests to the existence of God, according to Deists. The argument escalates with the claim that if we accept the occurrence of miracles we violate the laws of the orderliness of nature which raises doubts about the existence of God. To acquiesce to this type of reasoning is a highway to relinquishing the foundational tenets of the Christian faith, namely, that Jesus was a product of an immaculate conception, that He was God incarnate and that He arose from the dead on the third day and is alive forevermore.

Christians argue that the laws of nature are not only known to God, they are dependent on Him and are subject to His will. The same God on whom the course of nature depends can interpose into its regularity. That is how omnipotent He is. Nature is subordinate to Him. In His hands nature cannot be said to be invariable as He can cause it to either accelerate or decelerate in its course. God can even reverse the course of nature as was the case in the miraculous raising of Lazarus-four days after death and decomposing. Whenever it is necessary God can make an exception to the course of nature. If He can create life ex nihilo, why would He fail to infuse life into a dead body? By claiming that nature is immutable we run the risk of equating it with God so that a violation of nature’s laws becomes a violation of God’s own nature. This, of course, is absurd. Skepticism against miracles is really insisting on believing in one’s senses and doubting the inspired Word of God because it challenges a priori assumptions. The glory of the Christian faith is that we serve a living Savior who miraculously arose from the dead, never to die again. The gift of eternal life has been extended to those who believe in Him.

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