In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… (Genesis 1:1).
Probably no other verse in the Bible has been exposed to as much incessant onslaught as Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1 as the key verse upon which the rest of Scripture and the history of mankind stands or falls. This verse postulates that the universe had a beginning; what cosmologists refer to as initial singularity. If the universe had a beginning then Someone outside of it must have been responsible for calling it into existence; someone whom Aristotle called an Unmoved Mover; a transcendent being whom we who believe call God. And if nothing existed prior to the initial singularity then we can infer that the universe came into existence ex nihilo-out of nothing and only God has the ability to bring into existence something out of nothing. This concept is corroborated by the Standard Model although the veracity of God’s Word does not necessarily need to be affirmed by any man-made models. But this demonstrates to us how the laws of physics reveal what God has already put in place. The Standard Model posits that with the passage of time, the distances that separate the galaxies of our universe have increased due to the constant expansion of the universe. The material content itself does not expand. What expands is the space itself; “just as the buttons glued to the surface of a balloon will recede from one another as the balloon inflates (Craig, 2008). Another amazing scientific observation is that “as the universe expands it becomes less and less dense.” This means that if you reverse this order of activity, that is, if the expansion of the galaxies are reversed back in time, the universe will become increasingly denser until we arrive “at a state of infinite density at some point in the finite past,” which is a state that represents what is known as the singularity. At this point “all matter and energy, space and time come into being at the initial cosmological singularity.” This is the point when space and time all began to exist-“nothing existed before the singularity.” Therefore, if the universe originated at such a singularity, ex nihilo, the creation account is most definitely accurate. Of course, other models have been developed to try and repudiate the Standard Model, but it has continued to withstand the onslaught of these alternative models.
If anyone is tempted to think that this argument is being belabored they have no idea about the intensity and magnitude of the frontal attack against biblical accounts that constantly pummel our children as some professors in institutions of higher learning endeavor to “prove that the Bible is nothing more than a book about fairy tales.” We as parents who are believers have a responsibility to be intellectually engaged with our faith in order to provide a strong scaffolding for our children, and to help them contend for their faith in any forum without sounding idiotic. And so, we echo the Bible proudly, “In the beginning God….”


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