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I use fresh ginger all the time in many foods. Fresh turmeric, on the other had I just found recently at the local Asian market.

I’ve had to stop taking most of my supplements since I discovered the histamine issue. Supplements seem to bother and raise my histamine levels. Not sure if it’s the fillers or the fact that the organic parts are dry and not fresh, or a combination of the two. In any case, I do better with less supplements I’ve found.

So since the turmeric I was using was a supplement or a dried herb powder when I cooked I started looking for a fresh source and found it!

turmeric and ginger with microplane grater turmeric and ginger with microplane grater

I cook with turmeric and ginger both quite frequently. The larger root above is the ginger and the smaller one is the turmeric. What I’m sharing today though, is a nice hot…

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