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Dummy Dust

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One man’s incredible ministry to the poor: “Prov. 19:17. He who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD…”





2 May 2014

I looked out an office window and saw that the sun was shining. I found it hard to believe. Scattered showers were forecasted, but for now we have a warm, sunny noon hour. I walked to the park where I was greeted by Loretta.

I said, Hi, Loretta, tell me again how many months you’ve been sober.”

“It’s fourteen now.”

“Congratulations, again. I’m so proud of you. Are you starting school soon?”

“I’m still waiting for my transcripts. I’m getting so pissed off.”

“Where are your transcripts?” I asked.

“They’re sending them from home.”

“Where is home?”


“That’s a beautiful place; big trees, hills, valleys. I love it there.”

“So do I, I miss it so much.”

I greeted Mariah, Jacques, Debbie, Wolf and Shaggy. Before I sat down, Mariah handed me a cushion. “Thanks, Mariah, how have you been? How is your back…

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Sun Showers

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“Dennis, it’s good to see you,” shouted Ghyslain. We shook hands.

“It’s good to see you. I was expecting you back months ago.”

“Yeah, I stayed with my sister, in Rimouski, all winter. I just got back into town Monday. The weather’s been so bad, I haven’t been out.”

“Did you take the bus?”

“No, it’s too expensive; fare would be about a hundred and fifty. My sister drove me to Quebec City, then I took Share-A-Ride. One ride took me to Montreal, the second brought me here. It cost sixty-six bucks; a lot more comfortable  too.

“Have you seen Joy?”

“No, she hasn’t been out much. I think I’ve only seen her once since Christmas.

“I see Chuck on the corner. Have you talked to him.?”

“No, I’ll stop by when I  leave here.”

“I’m going up to see him. Will you be back here Monday?”


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Scientist debunks Hawking’s ‘no God needed’ theory

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I hope the reader will read this carefully. With atheists postulating science as the default intellectual position, Christians need to know what they are talking about.

the Hunt for Truth


Famed mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose, who worked alongside Stephen Hawking for many years on furthering the developing Big Bang theory, has debunked Hawking’s ‘no-God-needed’ theory of the universe as “hardly science” and “not even a theory” on Premier Christian Radio.

Scientist debunks Hawking's 'no God needed' theory  | Sir Roger PenroseSpeaking on the station’s weekly faith debate program Unbelievable? on Saturday 25 September, Penrose described Hawking’s new book The Grand Design as “misleading” adding that M-theory, which Hawking claims has made God redundant as a cause of the universe, was “not even a theory” and “hardly science” but instead “a collection of hopes, ideas and aspirations.”

Penrose was in dialogue on the program with Alister McGrath, professor of theology at Kings College London.  The two men joined host Justin Brierley to respond to the question of whether Hawking’s new theory had made God redundant as a potential explanation of the origin of the universe.

Criticising M-theory, Penrose said:…

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