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J. I. Packer has great insight and excellent advice for us when it comes to the discipline of self-examination and our battle with pride.

“Whereas introspection, whether it ends in euphoria or in the gloom of self-pity and self-despair, can become an expression of self-absorbed pride, self-examination is the fruit of God-centered humility, ever seeking to shake free of all that displeases the Father, dishonors the Son and grieves the Holy Spirit, so as to honor God more. Thus self-examination is a fundamentally healthy process, leading into repentance, where mere introspection can leave us just feeling sorry for ourselves” (Praying, 125).

One particular area where we need regular self-examination concerns humility and its mortal enemy, pride. To detect whether humility is growing in us, notes Packer, we

“can prayerfully invite God’s help in self-examination as we ask ourselves such questions as: Am I able to joyfully perform tasks in my…

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