Geneticists are in the process of discovering specific genes linked with certain behaviors and addictions. For example alcoholism and smoking are reported to be genetically influenced. Twenty gene candidates have been found to influence excessive drinking. However, although some genetic variations predispose to certain behaviors and addictions, they often have to interact with the environment for the condition to occur. For example, without access to alcohol or tobacco, addiction to any of them is unlikely to occur although the craving may be present. The good news is that when we are in Christ, we receive a new DNA, as it were, that nullifies genetic predisposition to addictions. We become “a new creation… Behold all things are become new,” 2 Cor. 5:17. Jesus Christ is Lord. He came to give us abundant life. Learn more about this perfect prescription for vibrant life found in Christ from the book, The Perfect Prescription, by Reigh Simuzoshya from Amazon and