ImageWaste management tops the list of the agendas of conferences of world leaders and public health professionals. It is also the center of discussion among advocates of sustainable development such as ecopreneurists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs as they desperately seek means to protect the planet from degradation and ruin. If waste management is not handled appropriately it can lead to significant environmental and public health problems. But waste management is not a new concept. Amazingly, over 3,000 years ago the Bible gave us guidelines regarding managing waste, particularly hazardous waste: “You shall have a place outside the camp and you shall go out to it; and you shall have a stick with your weapons; and when you sit down outside, you shall dig a hole with it, and turn back and cover up your excrement,” (Deuteronomy 23:12-14). Less hazardous waste was burned in a valley that was known as Gehenna. To date some of the most effective methods of waste disposal are incineration and landfill. To explore this concept further, check out our App on Google Play at: